Idea 3G signal spotted in Pune, Maharashtra

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Hi All,

Its long time I have written anything on my blog. So here I start again blogging on the Mobile Technology and Telecom Industry of India.

I have been seeing that there is war for 3G  which is been started in the India. All the top telecom operators want to beat each other in 3G spectrum.  Each and every day there is a new plan introduced or a new circle is activated with 3G.

So in my coming time I will be putting more blogs on this 3G war between the operators which are coming with 3G and 3G plans.

So for now I have a screenshot which displays the 3G signals available for Pune, Maharashtra people.

3G Signals in Pune



Cellone: BSNL 3G




Will be posting more on this.


Google Maps Updated to

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Hi All,

Its been very long time I had added a post on my blog and today after taking time from my day to day work finally I am able to post for you all.

This time especially for users in India its time to rejoice as we have a latest version of Google Maps which bring directions to all India cities. Not happy or don’t know but to be frank its the thing to be tried and then believed.

Google has come up with an Update to its Google Maps for Symbian with a version

Google Maps


Iphone Killer Meizu M8 in stores on 30th Nov. 2008

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At last the time has come. The most awaited mobile phone of the year is hitting to store this 30th.



Checkout the new Video


Weird Mobile Phones


Today I was surfing through net and i found some interesting mobile phones.

From the look and feel they are non brand phones may be chinese.

These are very unique mobile phones i have ever seen till date, so I thought I should share this information with you too.

1. Nokia N95 8GB Mini


After looking at the picture it seems to be like N95 8GB, but this is a mini version of N95 8GB.

Don’t get on the looks this not our Nokia N95 8G, it comes from a nowhere world.

2.N96 Iphone

n96_iphoneThis is a rare combination phone in the world. It brings two mobile giants in one.

If you look at it you will see the S/w for IPhone but the make is N96.

I appretiate the creativity of the person to come with such a mobile phone.

Do post your replies.


Firefox Fennec – Mobile browser Alpha

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Hi All,

I am glad to bring to notice to all that Mozilla Firefox has now come up with a mobile version browser called as Mozilla Fennec. Its in a very early stage of Alpha and will get updates very soon.


Primararily is available to only Nokia N810 but Mozilla has released the Desktop version of the browser too.


Nokia N95 RM-159 updated to V30.0.015


Hi All,

After a great hardship I am able to update my Nokia N95 Classic to Firmware V30.0.015.

I am using this firmware from 12 hrs and have found some pros-cons for the Firmware update.


  1. There is a huge stability in Wi-Fi connection. Earlier as you are out of the Wi-Fi access point my mobile use to search for a while for a access point and after a while it use to restart itself. But now if it does not find any Wi-Fi it does not restarts. Seems like there was buffer overflow problem which is fixed.
  2. Camera quality is slightly increased. The pixels seems to be more clear in night photographs.
  3. Sound clarity in music player is increased. When you increase the volume the sound quality becomes more fine. Getting an IPod like experinence.
  4. The Gallery to view photos videos has become fast and its more stable.
  5. New N95- 8GB theme added in this update.
  6. Native Ngage application added.
  7. Some tuning is done for Battery consumption.
  8. Increase in the Radio Volume
  9. Auto Rotation of Screen.
  10. Web Browsing is same as Desktop Browsing due to browser Updates.
  11. Integration of OVI Share.


  1. In Music Player when keeping on loud speaker, decreasing the volume to 20-30 will start breaking the sound. You will hear some static noice coming through speaker. I checked for 10 songs it the sound come in all songs at low volume.
  2. Checked the 3D surround Ringtone. This has stopped working. Tried all types of effects nothing is working.

Will post more as when i get something to know if its working or not.

Till that time have a good update.


Gaurav Rathod

Truphone – first VoIP app. on the iPhone

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Just received an email from Truphone which has delighted me by introducing its functionality to IPhone too.

It has now become the first VoIP application to be hosted on the IPhone. We had fring application but used skype & GTalk but not any of it own services.

Get Free download from iTunes App Store

click the link for video Watch the video

Truphone saves you money on iPhone calls by routing calls via Wi-Fi. Why is this great?

  • Absurdly low rates – particularly great value for calling internationally or when you’re travelling. Eg, 3p/min to anywhere in USA, calls to 40 major countries are just 3p/minute to landlines and 15p/minute to mobiles.
  • No roaming charges – prices are the same no matter where on the planet you’re calling from.
  • Make calls in deadspots – Wi-Fi VoIP means your iPhone works even with zero cellular reception
  • Free to download, no lengthy contracts, no subscriptions. And we give you £2/$4 credit to get going

Truphone works on both the original and the new 3G iPhone devices.

So Enjoy the new IPhone with less call rates from Truphone.

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