At last the time has come. The most awaited mobile phone of the year is hitting to store this 30th.



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The news is confirmed by J. Wong from Meizu. Click Here for the detailed post from him.

The news is accompanied by plans for the launch that both the Chinese and Indian versions will be available first, with the Chinese version’s Wi-Fi disabled to meet local laws. Exports to Europe, Hong Kong and the US may also be ready by Christmas Eve with Wi-Fi intact.

The Wi-Fi chip will be there on board but the software to support it will not be installed for the Chinese Version, but will be available for Hong Kong Version.

The M8 is tentatively priced at $348 for an 8GB version without subsidies and $421 for a 16GB model.

It will be available everywhere before the Christmas eve & seems to be its going to be the best present for the guys and gals for the Christmas.

I am desperately waiting for this mobile from past 1 yr.

I am a Microsoft developer so fond of Windows Mobile to host my .net Applications and microsoft Tools.

Will be posting more of it as the news come.

Till that time