Today I was surfing through net and i found some interesting mobile phones.

From the look and feel they are non brand phones may be chinese.

These are very unique mobile phones i have ever seen till date, so I thought I should share this information with you too.

1. Nokia N95 8GB Mini


After looking at the picture it seems to be like N95 8GB, but this is a mini version of N95 8GB.

Don’t get on the looks this not our Nokia N95 8G, it comes from a nowhere world.

2.N96 Iphone

n96_iphoneThis is a rare combination phone in the world. It brings two mobile giants in one.

If you look at it you will see the S/w for IPhone but the make is N96.

I appretiate the creativity of the person to come with such a mobile phone.

Do post your replies.