Hi All,

Its been very long time I had added a post on my blog and today after taking time from my day to day work finally I am able to post for you all.

This time especially for users in India its time to rejoice as we have a latest version of Google Maps which bring directions to all India cities. Not happy or don’t know but to be frank its the thing to be tried and then believed.

Google has come up with an Update to its Google Maps for Symbian with a version

Google Maps

I don’t have a change log but I have taken the important screen shots about the application which I see are the added new features to Google maps.

Predective Search Result

The new Predictive search is much faster then the previous version and far more accurate.

Searc Result

There is a small and new Animation when the Points of search are getting displayed on the maps similar to IPhone.

Search Result on Maps

The all new feature of Driving direction which is introduced for the first time is very exact, fast and helpful. It displays information turn by turn. The information is displayed in two views List View & On Maps view.

The only point is, it requires to be online so you need a 3G/GPRS/Edge connection on the Move.

Drive Direction

The turn by turn driving directions displays point of Cross Section & on turn. Very Helpful.

Drive Direction on Maps

The Latitude feature is integrated and can with this feature you can see your friends on Maps who have also signed for the Latitude service and have added into to display list.

Latitude Sign-In

Google Latitude can also Work when you close the application you can change the settings as per your need.

Latitude Settings

This is the screen which shows the latitude position of a user when login into Latitude service of Google Maps for Mobile.

Google Latitude

This is one of the best update given by google for users in India.

This update bring a direct competition for Nokia Maps by giving turn by turn direction for free where as for Nokia Maps in India a user has to Pay ~Rs.3500 for a year and not lifetime.

Nokia Maps please review your license term as there many local operators which provides in detail turn by turn Navigation with offline browsing with a fee of Rs.2500 for Lifetime and also with free updates like SatGuide

Thank You Google for giving this feature for free.

Looking for more POI and Street view for Indian Cities.