MobiTubia Released

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Hi All,


Its a good news that Finally the most awaited application for Youtube “MobiTubia” is officially released for Public. More


MobiTubia wont be released!

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Hi All,

Its a very bad news for all the Symbian Smartphone users waiting for MobiTubia that the developement of the application is stopped by the developer.

He has posted on his site that he has stopped the development due to his  Degree thesis.

It is a shocking news to all the users that the developer has not even released the beta version to public and even said to all the testers that the beta version should not be shared.

The story has ended with very cheap note and really all of wont accept such type of comments from the developer.

For more info visit the MobiTubia developer site at 

Nokia N95 as a Home Media Tool


Hi All,

Have You ever thought of Accessing your Computer or Xbox or IPod or Laptop or any other media gadget with the help of your owned Nokia N95 then you are lucky person.Read the post as it is going to change the life all the people using Nokia N95 and the same compatible mobile phones.

One day I was just going through Symbian-Freak website and i saw a post related to N95 8GB DLNA compatible. That brought a click in my mind if the 8GB can do my classic N95 can also perform the task at its best.

So i searched the internet and after an hour or so i got the connecting media to make my N95 classic a DLNA operational mobile.

I am going to present a series of images in form of steps and the working of DLNA from my classic Nokia N95.

Here it goes….

Nokia N95 Astronomy Photography


Hi All,

I am president of Khagol Vishwa (Universe of Amateur Astronomers). I would like to share some of my pictures of Astronomy which i took using Nokia N95 mounted on Antares 9″ telescope.

Antares Telescope