Hi All,

Have You ever thought of Accessing your Computer or Xbox or IPod or Laptop or any other media gadget with the help of your owned Nokia N95 then you are lucky person.Read the post as it is going to change the life all the people using Nokia N95 and the same compatible mobile phones.

One day I was just going through Symbian-Freak website and i saw a post related to N95 8GB DLNA compatible. That brought a click in my mind if the 8GB can do my classic N95 can also perform the task at its best.

So i searched the internet and after an hour or so i got the connecting media to make my N95 classic a DLNA operational mobile.

I am going to present a series of images in form of steps and the working of DLNA from my classic Nokia N95.

Here it goes….

First of all download a free s/w called SimpleCenter.

Install SimpleCenter basic version which is free if you install premium then you get only 30 days to use it.

Add all the music, movies, pictures, files folder you would like to share with your devices and let the s/w scan all the files for you.

Once everything is scanned it will ask for the name of your SimpleCenter in my case i gave Gaurav’s SimpleCenter.


Now after scanning and naming your SimpleCenter is ready for use.

Now we will perform some settings in our Nokia N95.

Go to your Nokia N95->Tools->Home Media


Connect your Home Media To your Wi-Fi network.


In the share content make your mobile visible and share the content you would like too with other devices.


After doing that click Browse Home and you will the mobile will connect to your Wi-Fi network and search for the SimpleCenter Application.Once you get the host server you will see the below screen with the SimpleCenter hosted Media.


You select the Home Media and when you will go inside you will see all the media categories which are present on your SimpleCenter.


Now i selected Music Folder to listen to my favorite track and searched for my track.


The search displayed all the media files with Bhool Bhoolaiya containing words the music and also the movie.

Now when you select the Bhool Bhoolaiya mp3 song to play it selects and starts playing on the computer.

Music_playing desktop_Music_Playing

Click the image for better resolution in that you will see the music is playing in the SimpleCenter Music Player. Now with your N95 Volume keys you can increase/decrease the volume of the computer too.

Now i thought of watching a movie. So i again selected my favorite movie from the search result and started to play. The movie started playing on the desktop in full screen. I was able use my mobile as a remote to play and pause the movie.

Playing_Movie Movie_Playing

Now if you want to access the files of mobile from computer just add your N95 device in SimpleCenter by clicking the device button on the SimpleCenter ToolBar and adding Nokia N95 Device into it.


And now if you want to copy to device or you can copy from device any file. This feature is available in Premium edition which you can activate it for 30 days.

I am very glad to find this feature of N95 and posted this for all my well wisher’s and fans who all have appreciated me for my findings.

Do Post your comments if you need any help.