Idea 3G signal spotted in Pune, Maharashtra

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Hi All,

Its long time I have written anything on my blog. So here I start again blogging on the Mobile Technology and Telecom Industry of India.

I have been seeing that there is war for 3G  which is been started in the India. All the top telecom operators want to beat each other in 3G spectrum.  Each and every day there is a new plan introduced or a new circle is activated with 3G.

So in my coming time I will be putting more blogs on this 3G war between the operators which are coming with 3G and 3G plans.

So for now I have a screenshot which displays the 3G signals available for Pune, Maharashtra people.

3G Signals in Pune



Cellone: BSNL 3G




Will be posting more on this.


3G Service Coming Soon in India!

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Hi All,

Its a very joy news to all Indian 3G mobile phone users that finally by Diwali we will have existing operators or new Mobile Operators will start the 3G Service.

Today DoT announced that the 3G spectrum is discussed and is being roll out for the auction of the spectrum in respective areas from 1st April to 18th April and the work of commencement  will start from 1st June and end before 31st December.

So by Diwali we all will have a trial run of 3G in our mobile phone.

So now I am desperately waiting for the 3G Service to Start in India.