Nokia Maps 2.0 Updated


hi All,

Nokia Maps 2.0 is given a Update and is becoming more and more user friendly.



DivX New Version 0.90 Available

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Hi All,

New Version of DivX Player v 0.90 for mobile is available to download.

DivX new player now offers VOD(Video On Demand).

It also has a feature to register your device to the DivX site.


Opera Mini for Android!

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Hi All,

I was just going through many sites and came to a halt where i found that Opera has developed its new version of browser for the upcoming OS for mobile Android from Google.

The version they have developed is just a one which runs on the Android Emulator which comes with the SDK.

Opera mini browser is not full functioning yet has some glitches but will be stable as days comes.

This is really good step from Opera for making cross platform browsers which will increase their user base.

Lets see what else comes.

Want to know more about it then visit Opera Labs


Working of mobiles on Aircraft in EU

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The plan is to install small mobile phone base stations, called pico cells, in aircraft that will be switched on after take-off. The base station generates a bubble of coverage in and around the aircraft.

Calls made via the pico cell will be routed to terrestrial networks via satellite link. Across Europe radio spectrum has been set aside for the technology.

The services could stop working once aircraft leave European airspace.

Martin Selmayr, spokesman for Ms Reding’s office, said that flight captains would be able to switch off the on-board service if they felt it necessary.

Initially, only second generation networks will be offered but growing interest would mean that third generation, or 3G, services will follow.

The first flights offering calls could start as early as next month.

Air France is believed to be ready to deploy the technology while Ryanair is expected to submit an application.

The cost of making a mobile phone call from a plane will be higher than making one from the ground.

In the UK, regulator Ofcom said it would investigate and address any evidence of “excessive charges and abuses of competition” if prices were set unfairly by airlines and mobile networks.

Ms Redding has said the EC had no plans to cap the cost of calls made on planes.

The European Commission backing means planes registered in one country would be able to offer mobile communications services to passengers when flying over other EU countries without having to apply for additional national licences.

Opera Mini 5 Beta Coming Soon!!


Hi All,

Its a good news on April fools day that we are going to have a new version of Opera mini Browser.

The version is 5 and includes many enhancements the users wanted.

Here is the link to give the glimpse  of the Beta

Source: Opera Mini Blog 


3G Service Coming Soon in India!

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Hi All,

Its a very joy news to all Indian 3G mobile phone users that finally by Diwali we will have existing operators or new Mobile Operators will start the 3G Service.

Today DoT announced that the 3G spectrum is discussed and is being roll out for the auction of the spectrum in respective areas from 1st April to 18th April and the work of commencement  will start from 1st June and end before 31st December.

So by Diwali we all will have a trial run of 3G in our mobile phone.

So now I am desperately waiting for the 3G Service to Start in India.


New Firmware Update for Nokia N95 Classic

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Hi All,

There is a news on the internet that there is a Firmware update release coming for our very own Nokia N95 Classic Mobile phone in coming days.

Below are the New Features and Improvement

 New Features

  • Flash Lite 3 support added
  • Widget (Web runtime) support added
  • Default year changed to 2008


  • General stability improvements.
  • Pre-defined access point kept after switching to different type SIM card.
  • Localization improvements.
  • Standby time improvements.
  • Improvements to BT headset interoperability.
  • Improvement to Calendar data restoring.
  • Switch from landscape to portrait mode & screen rotations improvements.


  • Improvement to long text writing to web page text boxes.
  • Browsing from WLAN wizard improvement.

Media Player:

  • Localizations improvements in Music player.
  • Windows Media Player recognizes device as Nokia N95.


  • Image rotation improvement in album view.
  • Gallery & Slideshow performance improvements.


  • Improvement to SMS reception.


  • Midlet installation improvement.
  • Improvement to Java application start.
  • Java midlet certificate checking improvement.


  • General improvements to Maps application.
  • Localization correction to Search in Maps application.
  • Improvement to Navigate To –function when started from search application.


  • Contact names with accents and more than 11 characters can be copied to SIM card.

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