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Nokia Maps

Its a good news that Nokia Maps Beta is out for public.

Nokia Maps

You can download from Nokia Maps Beta site.

I have also downloaded and using it from last 1 week and here is my update on it.

1. UI

Maps UI

The UI is significantly changed and it has all information you want on your screen. Previously when u want to check satellite signals you had to open a seperate menu and a screen with no use satellite no. and its signal use to get displayed but in version 2 all is brought under one screen. You have signal strength, Bytes downloaded from Internet, Search Option, Zoom in- Zoom out keys layout and a new menu for your joystick middle is been introduced which shortcut menus for Navigation.

There is a new Menu called Map Mode which allows you select the map mode you would like to have like Map, Map3D, Satellite or Hybrid. There is also new option in which by One button press u can go Online or Offline thats very cool.

Map Mode


This is a pretty fast application compared to the older one. Even though bringing & showing up many utilities in one screen the performance is really good. The satellite locking still takes time. I met with a funny incident which embarrassed in front of my friends. We were in city roads and i showed them the new Maps Application. Seeing that they found it very interesting, but when i actually started to use it and was waiting for the signals to get locked it took me more than 25mins.. by this time i was just 100m away from the destination point. All of them started laughing and it was a total disaster. I think the tall building were making difficulties for the satellite signals.

Data & Information:
The information of my city (Pune) is only covered to the main Pune city and it lacks the neighboring cities coverage. It also misses the National Highways connecting to the city. The real use of maps is when you get out of your city streets and go out for hiking or a long travel to a place which you haven’t went. The place where there are less(or no one) to ask for direction. I also had a same experience when i went for Hiking this saturday, i was totally lost in the night sky, maps didn’t helped me to find a way. Finally i Opened MGMaps saved(offline Maps)version, it was good that i had taken the copy of the maps of the road i am leading towards the hiking place. The maps worked and was able to reach the destination where there was no mobile coverage.

City information is more than needed and i hardly see anyone using it. It will be mostly used by a new come to a city to find its way.

Do post me your comments for the new Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta.

Waiting for your comments.