Hi All,

I was just going through site of LG and saw a new mobile phone brought by them.

I know all will be knowing about this mobile but wanted to express my point for it.

LG Viewty

LG Viewty is one of its gem in the mobile world. I liked some of its feature which i would like to say something about.

1. The 5MP camera with auto and manual autofocus


2. Camera with ISO Setting upto ISO 800

3. Image Stabilizer

4. Xenon Flash

5. Multitasking Jog Wheel.

6. DivX Multimedia Content.

7. 120 fps of video recording(QVGA mode).

8. Face Tracking.


9. Very decent Shortcut Keys of Operations used widely(Not like Nokia where there is Gallery key which is least used Key even though having it people often open gallery via application…Nokia try to replace it or add more feature to it. :).

10 .Total Aluminum Cover for the Mobile.

11. Sleek Design, light weight.


12. 3″ Display Screen.

13. TFT touch Screen (Nokia please bring TFT for the high end models).

14.Comes with 100MB Internal Mem & 2GB expandable External Memory.

15. Share videos on YouTube directly.

16. Loaded with Google Applications.

This is a mobile one should checkout if he/she is looking out for a change.

In India it is priced for 20,500/- around $510.

To be frank i liked it very much even though it lacked my most used feature of Wi-Fi & GPS but there will be one coming soon.

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