Hi All,

I have come to notice from many months regarding Nokia Maps but didn’t get the place to post my comments for that. Now i have my own blog where i can post happily.

Nokia maps provides us with large information about the roads and information along the roadside to make our travel easy and happy.

But when i see the Nokia-Asia site and Noki-Europe site that makes me little bit of confusing that why nokia is doing such things.

When you visit nokia-europe site for Nokia Maps you will see that the version on Nokia Maps over there is v1.3

Nokia-Europe Maps

And when you look at the site of Nokia-Asia Maps you will see still v1.2.1

Nokia-Asia Maps

This difference is from long long time.

We also see that when the update comes it first for European nations then Asian.

But nokia you are wrong!…Asia is the biggest market in the world for mobile phones and India is among the top purchaser for it.

Nokia Please don’t do this..