Hi All,

Have you ever come to a situation when you are in a meeting or having a good time with your buddies or having a evening ride with your loved one and suddenly you get a call from an unknown number and you pick it up and come to know its the call from the same old marketing agent or marketing customer associates from a bank for Credit Card or some other loan feature.

This really makes you irritate when you are in middle of something.

So i have got a software for you all.

Its called as Call Filter

Call Filter

Here are some of the pictures of the application:

The Loading Screen

Call Filer Loading

Call Filter About Screen

About CallFilter

Call Filter Blocked Numbers Screen:


Call Filter Log Screen


Call Filter Settings Screen


Call Filter in Standby Screen


This is a really nice application for every mobile to get rid from the Unknown Callers.

You can download the application from http://www.anfymobile.com/callfilter/download_page.php

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